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Wedding Dress Styles- Introduction

Wedding Dress Styles

Finding the perfect wedding dress is possibly one of the most important things a woman will do in her life. There are many things to consider when shopping such as the wedding dress styles you prefer and your: body type, your hair length, your height, and your own personality style. All of these factors have a role in helping you decide which dress will be the “one” for your special day. Most women have a hard time deciding which dress style fits their body type the best; here are some tips for finding the perfect wedding dress!

Wedding Dress Styles by Body Shape

Wedding Dress Styles

  • If you have a broad body type it means you have wide set shoulders. You should aim towards finding a dress with a halter or an off the shoulder neckline. Your dream dress should have a bodice that highlights your waistline to help give you a more hourglass shape. Try to avoid dresses with cap sleeves and dressed that conceal your shoulders; this can end up adding more width to your shoulders.
  • Busty brides should not wear a wedding dress that shows too much; you want your guests to be looking at your face and not your chest. Instead you should try dresses that minimize your curves up top by balancing you out with a full ball gown type skirt.
  • For those tiny petite brides out there you should try to elongate your body by trying on A-line dresses. This will help make you look taller and more full figured. Though most every dress will look good on a petite figure you should try and avoid ball gowns because it can end up making you look much tinier.
  • If you are smaller on top but have all the curves on the bottom half of your body then you are a pear-shaped bride. Try and avoid dresses with a V-neck because it will draw peoples’ eyes down ward on your body. Instead you should try a strapless ball gown that will put more emphasis on the top half of your body.

All brides should look their best on their wedding day and finding the perfect wedding dress is half of that battle. Every woman and every body type has that perfect wedding dress waiting for them to find it.

You can visit http://www.impressionbridal.com/style-guide.html for more information on wedding dress styles.

Jul 182013

Wedding Food Ideas- Introduction

Wedding Food Ideas

One of the first things people ask you once they hear you’ve been to a wedding is “how was the food?” Finding the right wedding food ideas that will leave your guests leaving satisfied is very important. Wedding food has gained a poor reputation for being tasteless and in small quantities; depending on how many guests you decide to have this may be an issue.

Tips and Advice for Wedding Food Ideas

Wedding Food Ideas

  • Don’t waste time! You should book a caterer around the same time you book a venue. It is important to shop around when choosing a caterer for your big day; keep in mind though that sometimes venues will only work with a specific catering company so make sure you request a tasting with the in house chef.
  • How do you want it? If you want the food to be the main thing people talk about then make sure it is a sit down dinner. If the music or cake is the main event of the evening then you can opt for a buffet style dinner.
  • Presentation is the key. The way the food is brought out to your guests is very important. If it looks good then they will actually want to eat it; presentation of the food you sever will have a big impact on whether or not your guests enjoy the food.
  • Don’t forget the drinks! The last touch to a perfect dinner is a cocktail. You and your fiancé can get creative by either making your own cocktail or just by putting a spin on a classic one. You can personalize it even more by giving it a fun name and incorporating your wedding colors.

When people ask you how the food was at the wedding you planned they will be able to respond with a positive answer. Your guests will be able to tell the amount of time and effort you put into choosing the caterer and menu simply based on how good everything tasted.

You can visit http://www.delish.com/entertaining-ideas/parties/wedding/ for more information on wedding food ideas

Jul 182013

Wedding Music Ideas- Finding the Right Balance

Wedding Music Ideas

When people get invited to a wedding they are excited about a few things: seeing the wedding dress, eating, and dancing at the reception. This can be tricky though depending on the people you invite; it is hard to find the right balance in musical tastes. Chances are your grandparents will like a different type of dancing music than your college roommates. It is important to find a happy medium for everyone that plans on dancing. Here we will go over some of the best and worst songs to play at a wedding.

Wedding Music Ideas- What to Listen to

Wedding music Ideas

Songs to Skip:

  • “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang: We know that everyone is technically celebrating your wedding day, but we don’t need to be reminded of how to do it with this out dated song.
  • “The Chicken Dance”: No explanation needed.
  • “YMCA”: This song has had its 15 minutes of fame and most people are not a fan of organized dances.
  • “Achy Breaky Heart”: Nothing kills a dance floor like a cheesy country line dancing song.
  • “The Macarena”: This song will do awful things for your dance floor.

Songs to turn up!

  • “ABC” by Jackson 5: Who doesn’t love this song? When this plays at your wedding reception people will be up dancing and singing along in no time.
  • “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC: This classic rock song will get the party started at your wedding reception.
  • “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston: Nothing gets intergenerational dancing started quite like this Whitney song.
  • “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake: This 2013 hit is a good mix of slow or upbeat dancing that will be sure to make people happy.
  • “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey: Everyone between the ages of 6 and 75 knows the words to this song; need I say more?

Playing the right type of music at your wedding can make or break the night for your guests. Use your best judgment when choosing the music for your wedding reception.

Visit http://www.bridalguide.com/planning/wedding-reception/complete-guide-to-wedding-music for more information on wedding music ideas.

Jul 182013

Wedding on a Budget- First Steps

Wedding on a Budget

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days in any one’s life; so why is everything you need for that day so expensive? Between venues and dresses and cakes and catering there is next to no money left for the newlyweds to even go on a honeymoon! Planning your wedding day can get expensive very quickly, and many people are unsure about what they can do to save some money. Thankfully there are some tips and tricks you can use when planning your big day that will not leave you bankrupt. When it comes to finding a place to say your “I do’s” you can try finding an unusual site such as a zoo or an aquarium. The rental cost for these locations are typically low and it comes with its own décor so you won’t have to decorate as much! You should also consider having the ceremony and reception at the same location, this will save transportation costs for yourself and your bridal party as well as more rental fees for spaces. You can consider having the ceremony outside and the reception inside.

Pleasing your guests while having a Wedding on a Budget

Wedding on a Budget

When it comes to alcohol you do not always have to have a full bar, instead you can limit what they serve down to beer, white and red wine, and one or two signature cocktails that the newlyweds choose.Choosing the kind of cake you want to be served at your wedding is tough because you want all of your guests to be happy with what you choose. You can consider having multiple flavors of cupcakes made instead; this ends up being less expensive because they don’t require as much labor as a huge wedding cake- plus each guest can choose which of the flavors they want.Planning for a wedding can be very stressful on the couple and on your bank account. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be like that and if you do lots of brain storming and possibly some do it yourself projects together, you can have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

For more information on planning your dream wedding on a budget visit http://www.weddingbells.ca/planning/wedding-trends-in-canada-2012/attachment/wedding-budget/

Jul 182013

  Wedding to do list: First Steps

Wedding to do List

So you’ve gotten engaged to the love of your life; now what? There are probably so many things going through your head right now that you are not even sure where to begin. Before you get to your wedding day there is plenty that needs to get don’t so here is a wedding to do list of things you can start doing when you start to plan your big day. First off you need to sit down with your fiancé and decide on a budget, this will help keep each of you in line when buying things for the wedding. Make sure to take everything into consideration such as bridal party gifts, venue rentals, DJ costs, catering costs, wedding favors, etc. That’s one of the hardest parts; figuring how much money you can spend. The next part should be fairly easy: choosing your wedding party; you can choose as many or as little people to be in your wedding party as you want. This is also when you should sit down and start your guest list; this will help determine which venue you choose and the amount of food you will need for catering. Be sure to remember that some of your guests will expect a plus one and to add it as another person.

How to Work with your Wedding to do list

Wedding to do list

At this point you can choose whether or not you want to hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner can be expensive but they are experienced at wedding planning and will have many ideas to personalize your big day. You and your fiancé should start scoping out some venues now and decide whether you want separate locations for your ceremony and reception or if you want it all held in one location. After you have the venue booked you should book your officiant. This is one of the most important details that couples forget about until the last minute. You want to make sure you have someone there to marry you! Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be as much of a headache as it seems. If you take everything one step at a time and make sure to relax every once in a while then your wedding day will come together perfectly.

For more information on how to tackle your wedding to do list visit http://brillianteventplanning.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/ToDo.pdf

Jul 182013

Wedding Party Gifts- Introduction

wedding party gifts

Your bridal party is a huge part of your big day, they help you make a lot of the decisions and most of all are there to support you. It is customary now to give your bridal party a gift as a thank you for all of their help and support. Sometimes this can be a tough thing to get for your friends because you want it to be special but not too expensive because chances are you have a few people in your party. There are some gifts that are beautiful but most importantly- won’t break the bank!

Ideas for Wedding Party Gifts

Wedding Party Gifts

An awesome present that your girls will love is a clutch. It can be sparkly or silky- it doesn’t matter! All girls need a good clutch that goes with most dresses and occasions. The best thing about this present is that they can use it again and again. You can even personalize each clutch with their name written beautifully on the inside material. Your groom will need to give gifts to his side of the wedding party as well. A classic present you can give them is a personalized pocket watch. Pocket watches are timeless and sentimental, especially if you get each of their initials engraved on the front of each one.An amazing gift you can give is concert tickets. This would be much more expensive than a wine glass; but just think of how fun it would be for you and your girls to go to a concert you all love. The groom could do this with his side of the wedding party as well.The most important thing to remember when thinking of wedding party gifts is to keep it simple. You can give wedding party gifts that are beautiful yet simple such as: earrings, scarves, cigars, wine, perfume/cologne, etc. At the end of the day the people in your wedding party are your closest friends and family members and they will be thrilled by anything you give them.

For more information about wedding party gifts visit http://www.weddingfavours.ca/c/ALLGFT/Bridal+Party+Gifts.html

Jun 272013

Wedding Ring Sets – Are matching rings tacky?

wedding ring sets

By the majority of people in this day and age there is nothing wrong with having matching wedding rings. Some have stated that it is a nice symbol having them matching just like a union which after all is what a marriage is all about.  The older generation those in their 60s and 70s all probably have matching wedding rings of the simple plain gold variety because there wasn’t much choice in those days.  So yes I would say matching wedding rings are still in style.  But if you don’t wish to go that route that is fine also and you could choose rings which have the same metal in common without the design work.  There never has been any formal rule that rings should match it’s totally up to the couple in question.  Women probably have most of the say on what is going to be chosen and for the majority of men they just are happy to go along with it whatever makes her happy type of thing.

Wedding Ring Sets – Finding the perfect matching rings

wedding ring sets

Finding the perfect matching wedding rings is without doubt going to be a challenge for most couples.  As mentioned years ago it was just a matter of choosing a simple plain gold band for her and his comes in a thicker band and that was it.  But nowadays there is an abundance of choice.  Not only do wedding rings come with diamonds for her but nowadays for him also.  And the majority of marriages today have rings made of metals such as white gold, platinum and yellow gold.  Platinum is the most expensive and resists tarnishing but if it becomes damaged it is the most expensive to repair.  Yellow gold is the most common and can be purchased in either 14-karat or 18 karat gold.  It can scratch easily but is the least expensive to repair.  Finally white gold which is in fact silver in looks has the disadvantage of eventually wearing off and will probably need replacing.

Wedding Ring Sets – Spend wisely…

wedding ring sets

Courtesy of http://www.weddingbandsworld.com/

So the question these days might not necessarily be should we get matching wedding bands, instead for some, it might be more of an education to know and understand which metal to choose from.  Forking out a lot of money for some of these rings because they look pretty (matching or not) is a road that will be travelled by many couples ready to exchange vows, but when looking at some of the metals involved in the making of these rings one might wonder which will last longer the ring or the marriage? Take note and spend well.

Maybe consider adding a wedding album that matches your wedding ring sets as well…

Jun 272013

Wedding Invitations – Effective planning

wedding invitations

Planning your wedding day can be a stressful time.  Of course you want everything to perfectly fall into place but as with most things in life there are always those exceptions that can upset even the most perfectly planned operations.  Wedding invitations fall into this category.  Wedding invitations for some guests is the first mention that there is a wedding on the horizon and so first impressions are important with regards to your big day.

To have the perfect invitation is knowing what you want and many couples have no idea until they start searching through what seems like mountains of invites until one sets itself apart from the rest.  But unless a perfect wedding invitation has been perfectly planned then disaster can be just around the corner.  Planning your wedding invite should take place at least 6 months before the wedding which will give lots of time for proof reading, making changes or corrections and getting them sent out to your guests at least 8 weeks before the wedding giving lots of notice for your guests.

Wedding Invitations – Purchase online…

wedding invitations

Many couples are inclined to purchase their invites online simply because there is an ease to this as you can custom design, choose colours and themes all in the privacy of your own home www.weddingblisslane.com is one vendor that can offer many items for your big day.  You will be able to view sample products and even purchase samples and upon delivery you will be able to feel the texture and true quality before going ahead and completing the order or if you prefer have a change of heart and choose an entirely different design – it happens!

If you prefer to purchase one of the design kits that are now available with the many vendors online this is another great choice.  Designing and printing your own wedding invitations allows you to choose from a wide range of invitational options such as Pocket Folders, Layered Invites, Prepackaged Kits, All-in-One Kits, and complete Wedding Invitation Kits.

Mother of the Bride Dress is an important dress to get right…

Jun 272013

Wedding Albums – Finding the right ones to reflect you…

wedding albums

Now that you have waited so long for your special day here it is and it is one that you will want to revisit and remember forever.  How will you preserve your wedding day for generations to come?  This is a big question which will intrigue most couples.  A wedding album is most definitely one of the best ways to capture those special moments.  It is a story just waiting to be created and celebrated from every quirky moment to the most emotional on the big day.

If taking this route a consultation with a professional photographer will be required.  You will want to see what he/she has already accomplished and be able to look through various albums which should be available to you in order to decide on the style of the album, the materials involved, the theme of the album and how it flows from beginning to end and of course the durability of the finished item along with the cost involved.  Your album should be uniquely customized to your needs and taste and a professional photographer will be able to acquire this for you offering to you an endearing artwork which captured everything on the day.

Wedding Albums – Online options…

wedding albums

If on the other hand you prefer to try out the modern route of an online wedding album this too is an area of choice which some couples may prefer.  Modern couples have modern friends and all are usually involved with technology and social media in some shape or form.  There are companies online who can help you create an album which can allow photos for downloading to all relatives and friends anywhere in the world at the press of a button such as www.theweddinglens.com who have an informative resourceful how to site.

Wedding Albums – Weddings sites and using Facebook…

wedding albums

You could in this age of technology have an actual wedding site built which allows you to tell your unique story of how you both met, your engagement story leading all the way to the great day of the wedding and even the honeymoon.  By using a website many people can be kept in the immediate picture by just simply turning on their computer.  As the bride and groom you will be able to provide important relevant information without having to make hundreds of telephone calls.  Members of the bridal party who are not in close proximity can have private access to top secret information at any time.  All of the important wedding information can be stored on your website and organized instead of having different paperwork for everything which can turn into mountains to climb over.  Information will be at your fingertips for all aspects that requires top priority.  You will be able to track budgets, guest information and numerous check lists.  Having a personal wedding website could be the best thing that you ever did and it doesn’t have to be that expensive.  They can range from $300 upwards depending on how lavish you wish to make it and the beauty of it is that it can be updated no end with news of the day keeping all of your friends informed no end.

Destination wedding locations offer fanciful and magical places to exchange vows…

Jun 272013

How to choose the mother of the bride dresses?

mother of the bride dresses


You can find more gowns in this style from ebridalgowns.ca

A wedding day is a day for everyone to look beautiful.  Of course the bride takes center stage, but choosing a gown for the mother of the bride can be a serious task with the bride wishing her mother to look beautiful on this special day.  When choosing an outfit for the bride’s mother we must take into consideration her own personal style and what her views on an outfit might encompass.  Deciding whether it will be a long gown or more of a knee length cocktail variety will depend on the bride’s mother and what she feels comfortable wearing on the big day.  It may also be a consideration to look at the outfit that the groom’s mother is wearing as both mums should complement each other.  They themselves may feel uncomfortable if outfit choices are too far apart from the main theme of the wedding.  Outfits for the bride’s mother should be to some degree age related but must be theme related also.  If the wedding is taking place on a beautiful island on the beach then an outfit for the mother should reflect this theme also.

Mother of the Bride Dresses – Finding elegance

mother of the bride dresses

The mother of the bride will most likely want to feel special as her daughter takes her wedding vows.  She has been waiting proudly for this day just as much as the bride has and so choosing an outfit which complements the bridal colours and one that incorporates one of mum’s own favorite colour could satisfy many mothers.  Avoiding black, grey and dark colours is a must these colours tend to bring a sense of dullness to what should be a joyous occasion.  The mother of the bride requires a look of pride for her daughter which can be formal and celebratory as well as one that will have her stand out in the bridal party.

Mother of the Bride Dresses – Complimenting the bride…

mother of the bride dresses

Depending on the design of the bride’s gown a slight variation of the theme can be transferred to the mother’s gown.  If the bride has many embellishments such as beadwork and lace then this can be incorporated into the mother’s gown but not too much.  Don’t overdo this to the extent that it really is sending too much of a signal which is screaming “I am the mother of the bride”.  Keep it mostly simple and above all elegant and remember less is more for this important task.

Weddings albums are so important to manage and keep all of your wedding memories…