Jul 182013

  Wedding to do list: First Steps

Wedding to do List

So you’ve gotten engaged to the love of your life; now what? There are probably so many things going through your head right now that you are not even sure where to begin. Before you get to your wedding day there is plenty that needs to get don’t so here is a wedding to do list of things you can start doing when you start to plan your big day. First off you need to sit down with your fiancé and decide on a budget, this will help keep each of you in line when buying things for the wedding. Make sure to take everything into consideration such as bridal party gifts, venue rentals, DJ costs, catering costs, wedding favors, etc. That’s one of the hardest parts; figuring how much money you can spend. The next part should be fairly easy: choosing your wedding party; you can choose as many or as little people to be in your wedding party as you want. This is also when you should sit down and start your guest list; this will help determine which venue you choose and the amount of food you will need for catering. Be sure to remember that some of your guests will expect a plus one and to add it as another person.

How to Work with your Wedding to do list

Wedding to do list

At this point you can choose whether or not you want to hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner can be expensive but they are experienced at wedding planning and will have many ideas to personalize your big day. You and your fiancé should start scoping out some venues now and decide whether you want separate locations for your ceremony and reception or if you want it all held in one location. After you have the venue booked you should book your officiant. This is one of the most important details that couples forget about until the last minute. You want to make sure you have someone there to marry you! Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be as much of a headache as it seems. If you take everything one step at a time and make sure to relax every once in a while then your wedding day will come together perfectly.

For more information on how to tackle your wedding to do list visit http://brillianteventplanning.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/ToDo.pdf

Jun 272013

Destination Wedding Locations – Going all out!

Destination Wedding Locations

If you really want to go all out and if your budget can stretch to it then destination wedding venues can be the ultimate of all venues.  Destination weddings can take place in the most grandiose and palatial of hotels in the world’s most beautiful resorts.

Having a wedding at a beautiful resort in the Caribbean for example most definitely has its advantages.  Some in fact can be a lot less expensive than having a traditional one at home.  Incorporated with most destination weddings an automatic wedding specialist can be assigned to your special day who can coordinate all the important times and events which is a major relief for you.  Having a traditional wedding at home may not have afforded you the luxury of a coordinator.

Destination Wedding Locations – More family time…

Destination Wedding Locations

As with traditional weddings at home seeing family and friends might only be a matter of hours on the big day and that’s usually during the reception.  But by being at a wedding destination you will see valued friends and family for a longer period of time in much more tranquil settings with everybody feeling the good vibes that the island is offering.  People indeed will be more relaxed because not only will everyone feel like they are on vacation, they actually are.

With the location alone the possibility of the weather being great is second to none but if not, most resorts will have back-up plans so that your day is not ruined which won’t be the case if you get married at home and are relying on the weather.  By having a destination wedding everything is there on hand.  You can choose how you wish to get married either on the beach with beautiful sands or staged on a beautiful hill top overlooking the sea.  Once married you are already at the reception which is just feet away no travelling required. And when the last dance is over you don’t have to clamber into a taxi to get to the airport to start the honeymoon you’re already there.  Everyone can continue with celebrations over the days following as they are still on vacation time.

Destination Wedding Locations – Making the tough choices…

Destination Wedding Locations

Which destination to choose is probably going to be the biggest choice for you to make as this will entail your budget, but once it’s made everything should just fall into place.  www.destination-wedding-guide.com is a guide which helps couples choose from such destinations as Jamaica, Mexico, Aruba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to name a few.  These destinations have been known to offer the kind of weddings that seem almost fairy tale and one of them will offer everything that you could possibly dream of for your special day.

Wedding rings sets are a great matching tribute for a bride and groom…